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A judge just released Christopher Evans Hubbart to live in the LA area. 
Christopher Evans Hubbart is also known as the “pillowcase rapist” because he put pillowcases over the faces of his victims. 
Hubbart confessed to raping over forty women and is connected to the rapes of over a hundred women. 
This is just a warning to all my friends in the LA area that this man has just been released to live there. He can’t live in the Bay Area where he was incarcerated because his most recent victims still live here. 
He will be wearing a GPS monitoring ankle bracelet and he will be accompanied to individual therapy sessions weekly, even so this man is dangerous and cannot be trusted.

this is in my town. We tried so hard to plead to the judge not to release him here. It’s still gonna happen.

(Source: achillesvevo)

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